Elementor #976

GRAB YOUR FREE TICKET! And to make it easy for you, the conference is broken into THEMED DAYS, so you can pick and choose which day you want to focus on based on what your current needs are (although, I highly recommend attending and watching all sessions!) Here’s a sneak peek of the themed days’ […]

2020 Homeschool Moms Conference Early Bird Special!

Homeschool Mom Conference 2020 Hey, homeschool mom, can I ask you a few questions? –Could you use some real encouragement in your homeschooling journey right now? –Do you need some fresh ideas and/or teaching helps? –Do you need help balancing homeschooling with the many other hats you wear? –Do you want to learn from homeschooling […]

Homeschooling Working Moms

Have you ever wished you could pick the brain of a successful working homeschool mom? How about 10 successful working homeschool moms!?! Then, this is the online event for you! Live streaming this Saturday at 10 AM CST into Professional Home Educator Can’t make it? The recording will be in the group afterwards. We are […]


I can’t wait for this workshop to live stream into Professional Home Educator on Monday night! Cindy LaJoy is someone I hugely admire! There’s a reason why Blue Collar Homeschool is one of my favorite groups on Facebook. And it starts with her gentle, genuine leadership. You don’t want to miss it!