And to make it easy for you, the conference is broken into THEMED DAYS, so you can pick and choose which day you want to focus on based on what your current needs are (although, I highly recommend attending and watching all sessions!)

Here’s a sneak peek of the themed days’ sessions:

    • Day 1: Homeschooling Foundation
    • Day 2: Homeschooling Methodologies
    • Day 3: Homeschooling Curriculum
    • Day 4: Homeschooling Communities
    • Day 5: Homeschooling Learning Platforms
    • Day 6: Homeschooling in Different Countries
    • Day 7: Homeschooling Inspiring Stories


  • And much much more!


This is the only time you will find these world-class homeschooling experts under the same roof so make sure you grab your free ticket now! 

Deven Vasko

P.S. Grab your ticket to the Homeschooling Conference now and discover how to homeschool with ease, fun and joy now and past this Covid-19 Era! 

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